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Teresa Grealish

You’ve got a brain tumour … The words that changed my life forever.

Following my diagnosis, I was told the tumour was in a very “tricky” place and removing it would potentially leave me paralysed on my left side. So, they tried to zap it with radiation. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and made my brain swell.

The swelling caused terrible seizures and amongst other things, I lost my driving licence.. Not great when you work in the motor trade!
Just over an awful year following diagnosis, the surgeon decided to operate as despite a massive dose of steroids and anticonvulsants, the seizures got worse.

I left hospital unable to walk without, first a Zimma Frame ( I was 45 for god’s sake), then crutches, holding onto furniture and walls to get around, to eventually walking with a pronounced limp.

I put on an awful lot of weight during this time, a mixture of steroids, lack of mobility and I can’t lie, I was no stranger to a cake.
Just over 2 years later, I’ve lost 4 stone, no limp and I’ve got my driving licence back.

However, I have a long way to go, to get fit, lose weight and build the strength up in my left side and realised I couldn’t do this alone.

I’d tried going to the gym but felt embarrassed by my lack of ability and also quite intimidated in the surroundings. I then signed up several personal trainers but although they listened to my “issues”, they created a one size fits all programme for me and I felt overwhelmed and a bit of a failure.

Then, by chance I found a link to Simon Drew and Saffron Bootcamp. I was really apprehensive but sent Simon an email, he replied that day and we arranged to meet up and come up with a plan… I don’t think he knew what a project I was going to be!!!

I can honestly say, in the weeks I’ve been attending bootcamp and having 1 to 1 sessions with Simon, the difference has been simply amazing. During my 1 to 1 sessions, Simon has really focused on my balance, building the strength and mobility back in my left side and teaching me how to move “correctly” in order to get the most out of the bootcamp sessions and improve my health and fitness.

It might sound a simple thing to most people but I can balance on one foot, I no longer get the constant pins and needles in my left foot and every boot camp and 1 to 1 I have, I achieve another milestone. When I could do step ups without falling off or not being able to do so without holding my left leg for support, brought a tear to my eye. (lots of tears in fact, when I got home)

As I said earlier, I have a very long way to go but am 100% determined to do so. With the help and encouragement of Simon and the non-judgemental way I’ve been welcomed by everyone, I don’t feel like the unfit, fat one. Just another person trying really hard to get fit and healthy.

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