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Super Friend September – FREE Fitness for friends

Sep 02, 2016 simon_sez News 0 comments

Super Friend September


You are invited to bring a Super Friend to join you for FREE in September at any sessions you yourself attend. Joining us as a new member, you have exactly the same privileges too!

As a Super Friend wishing to join a buddy just hit the link below to begin creating your account. Existing and newly joining members, just share the link below with your Super Friends and ask them to take action…


Once the sign-up is complete simply email us (this should be done by the paying member) to inform us of the Super Friend who is going to attend classes with you (email: simon@saffronbootcamp.co.uk or simon@saffroncrossfit.co.uk). Soon after the above is complete, I will allocate a free duplicate membership to the Super Friend (the exact same membership as yours) so they can come with you to the sessions you attend.

You can bring as many friends as you wish as long as they attend when you yourself do #fistbumps #optional

And there are no obligations for further memberships at the end of September or indeed anything else.

Just FREE fitness, some new faces and and of course, some smiles to go with the sweat 😉

#crossfit #bootcamp #personaltraining #saffronwalden #uttlesford #essex

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