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Super day yesterday with the Fit Fam hitting ‘Murph’! For me, my status readings looked like this in preparation… I felt a little ill Friday night (headache, dry throat, a bit snotty) and ths continued into Saturday so health felt 7/10. Body felt 7/10 after last weekends 20 mile obstacle run and workouts in the past week (which seemed to ease the run recovery for sure). Mind 6/10 – no comment 🤪 I’d committed myself mentally a long time ago to being very strict with all my work on such a cornerstone workout of the CrossFit community. And to going ‘RX’ – as specified in the original workout. My achilles was painful during the running (now a year long painful situation when running). Pull-ups were all strict chin over bar and kipping. Push-ups were strict chest to floor and on knuckles to protect my aggravated thumb issue (tendonitis). And I’m pretty sure on knuckles is a little more diffcult too (slightly increased depth). Squats to depth were, well, squats to depth and felt horrid. As a poor comparison, I’ve only done this workout once before, last year during my first workout at RNA. I did it in 57.21 (doing the first run in the vest only, pull-ups as 35 kipping and 65 ring rows and all else strict but without vest). So, with all that being said I did it in 68.53. I will look to break the hour next time around 💪⚡ Sidenote: Summer shred seems to be going OK thanks to @gtrynka s kitchen skills 🤔😂 #suffer #itmakesusbetter #Repost @ben_silvaweatherley with @get_repost ・・・ There are times along the journey when you need to step back, take a look & smile. 😃Yesterday was one of them!!🙌 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• So proud of our team getting after our fourth annual “Memorial Murph” workout this past Saturday. It was so awesome to see 37 #RNAwarriors digging in & grinding their way through 2 miles of running & 600reps (NOT partitioned) with everything they had. So much fitness, so much fun, whilst doing themselves proud, doing our team proud & doing the man proud. This is what true community, friendship & lifestyle choices are all about. Truley blessed to be a part of this community & journey, thank you guys. Big Love! 🤙💕 •••••••••••••••••••••••

May 20, 2018 simon_sez News 0 comments

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