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Personal Training, Exercise & Fitness Classes in Saffron Walden

We’ve been here for well over six years now providing  Saffron Walden Personal Training (PT), Exercise Classes and Fitness Classes . As our name suggests, Saffron Walden is where our bootcamp started. We are very proud to have coached and improved the lives of numerous individuals and families in the local area. We’ve got fitter, healthier, had lots of FUN and had some amazing experiences together too! When done right, fitness can be an inclusive and friendly activity with big smiles and hard work going hand-in-hand.

Exercise Classes

Our classes include a wide range of different training methods, techniques and tools. Limiting the number of attendees at each class means that each person gets direct access to coaching and technique adjustment. This offers a value for money aspect to the session as it compares favourably with the cost of personal training. Refining how you exercise, working around injuries, soft tissue or joint issues you have and honing all aspects of your movement patterns means we gradually build you into the best you can be.

Fitness Classes

The fitness element is the key measurable factor on which we build a better you. Using the simple act of collecting data on how you perform in a specific range of programmed activities means we can analyse and ongoingly assess how you are improving. This measurement is far more valuable than the usual ‘how heavy am I?’ questions often falsely used as the criteria for how fit and healthy someone is. Your weight is in fact a relatively insignificant piece of data in the grand scheme of things that relate to your actual health. How fast you can run over a given distance, your blood pressure, how many times you can lift a defined weight in a given time and what your bodyfat percentage is (as well as a much longer list of criteria), ALL collectively give a far better indication. By striving to improve this wider ranging set of criteria, we make you better – better able to overcome the challenges life throws at you – better able to perform in your chosen sport/activity – better able to enjoy life!

Personal Training

As a personal trainer, I can say without doubt that a training session with an individual customer has distinct advantages. In a one-on-one situation, desired results can be achieved more quickly than within group exercise sessions. And without exception, all our customers who have undertaken personal training sessions report that they receive a significant amount of additional value, easily surpassing the additional cost and therefore return on investment. If you want to really change some aspect of your movement, develop a new skill, push yourself to a new level of fitness or, work around or get guidance on an injury or issue you have, this is the first stop you should take to making any of these positive changes.