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Lynda Hayward

I have been doing bootcamp with Simon for almost a year now and the benefits have been amazing. I have lost weight, become more toned, stronger and more confident. Like many people who go I am carrying long term injuries which Simon takes into account and is always happy to provide advice on managing. I also have asthma and my recent peak flow was above the average for a person of my height, something the nurse put down to the exercise I do. Not bad for someone who takes daily steroid inhalers!

I am very passionate about exercise and the benefits I get but get bored very quickly. Bootcamp is never boring, it’s fun and challenging – in a good way. You are encouraged to work at a level that suits you and everyone there encourages you and cheers you on regardless of how fit you are. I’ve made some fantastic new friends at bootcamp and always look forward to going.

I’ve recently been doing some 1-2-1 sessions with Simon which I had as a present (I asked for them!) and Simon adapts the sessions to meet your goals and pushes you to achieve the best you can. I really enjoy these sessions as I can test my limits which helps me see how far I have come – such s sense of achievement!

I can’t recommend bootcamp enough – it has changed my life and in the 15 years I have done regular exercise this is the most fun and strangely addictive… I would say to anyone who is thinking about it – come and join us, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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