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Louise Scutt-Richter

I used to see a group of people on the Common running around, pulling tyres and ropes and jumping up and down and getting very wet and muddy (being winter). I thought it looked a bit much…not something I’d ever do. Then an influential friend of mine suggested I might actually like it and being January – how about a New Year’s resolution to get fit?

Having considered that I need to get fitter and like to lose some weight I decided to give it a go. And now here I am 9 months later, about to embark on 20 PT sessions (one a week) and Bootcamp when I can make it. The reason is that Simon is a great trainer. He motivates and encourages you to push a bit further than you thought you could go, but doesn’t shout! He knows his stuff and helps me understand why form  is really important when doing certain exercises. He is a good teacher and remarkably patient!

I really enjoy Bootcamp and the PT sessions I’ve had so far. I have a really full on schedule and demanding job in London but I am so much happier and invigorated after every session – and yes – a lot fitter and stronger than I’ve been in a long time. I highly recommend Simon to anyone who may feel a bit cautious about stepping out on this adventure. It’s definitely worth it.

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