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Lee Dowling

I started boot camp in January this year – Christmas and the past however many years had taken their toll – that and I was getting married in the February and wanted to be a bit trimmer for the photos. It was a lot of effort to get started and even more to carry on through the snow and ice. However, 8 months later and I’m well and truly hooked and the fittest I’ve been for years!

I’ve done gym memberships but they’re rubbish. Gym memberships are for people who pretend to want to get fit and lose weight and probably spend more time looking in the mirror than most normal people should. Boot camp is for people who mean business, people who want to sweat…lots, people who don’t mind a roll around in the dirt, who enjoy running with tyres strapped to their backs and are interested in discovering the world of burpees! But most importantly for people who want to see results.

Simon trains and teaches, you get pushed as hard and as far as you can (or want to) whilst learning something new. The clever bit is how each session is different to the last, keeping things interesting and the work rate high. I had no idea how to squat properly or how to do a burpee, I was shocking at stretching and had no idea how important the warm down was. I’m now ‘better’ at stretching (Simon tries his hardest) and much more knowledgeable in the world of burpees.

Yes you can run on a tread mill and look at yourself in the mirror and commit to a 12 month membership you’ll only use 3 times! Or, you can run around the common in the wind, rain, snow and sunshine whilst doing burpees, flipping tyres and playing with kettle bells. It’s much more fun, and the results will be far, far better.

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