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What’s it like?

All our Bootcamps follow these general principles:


  • Fun, Friendly, Motivational
  • Personal training in a small group setting
  • Highly varied = never boring
  • Focused on developing life long fitness & skills
  • Focused on YOUR level of fitness
  • Outside = fresh air


  • They are:

Fun: experience a great workout smiling

Friendly: meet new people and be part of a great community that supports you in fulfilling your personal goals

Focused: on excellent and safe human movement

Fat Burning: designed to efficiently shift what you are ready to lose

Coached: our approach is personal training in a small group setting – teaching you to use your body the way it was designed to be used

Varied: we keep you and your body guessing for maximum effectiveness

Challenging: we surprise you with new training methods and ideas that stretch your capabilities and ability to deal with adversity

Whatever the weather: because life doesn’t always give us what we want – and we need to be ready!

Scaled: we adjust exercises to cater for your capabilities or injuries and we monitor you to ensure you are working at the correct intensity

Vastly superior: to “going to the gym” to do your prescribed workout of single joint movements on machines or with free weights followed by 20 minutes cardio!

  • They are not:
    Oppressive, military style in delivery
    Always horribly wet and muddy experiences (just occasionally :-))
    All work, work, work
    Minimal in their coaching output – we don’t just push you, we teach you too!
    One size fits all – everyone does the same, no matter what