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Christmas ‘rant’

Dec 22, 2015 simon_sez News 0 comments

Thanks to the team of hard chargers at this mornings session in the gym I have this tale to tell… (they suggested I share this…)…

So yesterday I posted a picture of a mince pie. The wording attached to it suggested I’d post a story about a mince pie later in the day. I did in fact write what turned out to be half poem, half story. But I chose not to post it as it would likely just appear negative and blaming – which isn’t what I want people to feel.

So, I didn’t post it, and here’s why…

You see I woke up with a rant going around in my head yesterday.

A rant about the cycle of behaviour related to Christmas binging. The cycle involves the ‘giving in’ to the temptations of Christmas (from numerous stimuli) followed by the inevitable ‘guilt’ and associated negative feelings that seems to be the ‘norm’ around this time of year. This cycle continues with a desperate need to feel better by signing up to something physical and/or ‘detox’ to both undo the increased girth of one’s body and make one feel better. Usually the negative aspects of this feeling have diminished by the end of January, to the point where you feel better and go back to ‘normal’ life for another 10.5 months.

Well, here is what I thought about that yesterday…

I hate that cycle! It drives me bananas!

Why you may ask…?

Well, it perpetuates the cyclical mental struggle and tries to fix something in the short term. When the actual problem is a deeper, underlying upset related to self-deprecation of some sort. Certainly, in todays society, I feel its justified to suggest that for many, this is the TRUTH.

And it it upsets me because people continue to let this cycle of behaviour ‘run them’.

I want this to change.

I want people to FEEL better about themselves and be better people.

For now, I’ll leave you with that.

Thanks for reading,

Ranting Simon Drew

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