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Our Testimonials

Aug 20, 2013 simon_sez 0 comments
Lee Dowling

I started boot camp in January this year – Christmas and the past however many years had taken their toll – that and I was getting married in the February and wanted to be a bit trimmer for the photos. It was a lot of effort to get started and even more to carry on […]

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Aug 13, 2013 simon_sez 0 comments
Lynda Hayward

I have been doing bootcamp with Simon for almost a year now and the benefits have been amazing. I have lost weight, become more toned, stronger and more confident. Like many people who go I am carrying long term injuries which Simon takes into account and is always happy to provide advice on managing. I […]

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Aug 06, 2013 simon_sez 0 comments
Amanda Honour

Exercise had never been high on my agenda. Being overweight for all my adult life had never made it easy but after losing a lot of weight I realised I needed to do something other than swimming up and down a pool. A friend suggested I try the boot camps she went to. It sounded […]

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Aug 05, 2013 simon_sez 0 comments
Anava Baruch

I never used to think I could exercise due to the problem I have in my knee and hip. With Simon’s knowledge and careful instructions I’ve been able to strengthen my core and work out regularly. I would recommend it to anyone. Try having a one to one, private session with Si!

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