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Star of the Month: December 2014

Apr 01, 2015 simon_sez News 0 comments

It has been some time since we elected winners of this coveted award. We are behind by several months! So, in a bid to bring balance to the Universe, we are awarding three people with the award for December, January and February right NOW! March will be along pretty quick afterwards too!

So, without further ado, December’s Bootcamper of the Month is Tracy Pretious. Tracy, a regular at Saffron Walden bootcamps, receives this award for two clear reasons…

1. On falling awkwardly from a box jump during a bootcamp (challenging herself to do more, more, more – and then breaking her ankle), despite the pain, she carried on boxing until the end of the session. A vote of clear Spartan behaviour made by an accompanying bootcamper made since that evening has swayed the judges on this one and it didn’t take much I can tell you. Finding out that Tracy had in fact broken her ankle a few days later was quite a shock! She handled the situation like a true Spartan and just carried on regardless = Strong!

2. Tracy’s frustrating time in the dreaded boot cast in order to repair the damaged ankle didn’t deter her return to training. Despite the frustration, she returned and gradually has upped the level of her efforts to make the positive progress she has in her sights.

Tracy’s determination (helped very much by her level of enjoyment and stress relief through regular attendance at bootcamp) continues unabated and I can clearly see that she is making superb on-going progress both mentally and physically.

A very well earned award to someone who is grabbing the bull by the horns and getting the job done – transforming herself for the better day after day after day. What more could a coach ask for?

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