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Amanda Honour

Exercise had never been high on my agenda. Being overweight for all my adult life had never made it easy but after losing a lot of weight I realised I needed to do something other than swimming up and down a pool. A friend suggested I try the boot camps she went to. It sounded different. “The first one’s free” was incentive too! It was a bit scary going to the first bootcamp wondering if I would be completely out of my depth among very fit people who could do everything. I shouldn’t have worried. Simon and everyone taking part were so welcoming and encouraging.

You work at your own level, being shown how to move correctly and how to improve. Every session is different, working both individually and as a team in challenges and activities. Anyone that knows me will be very surprised that I look forward to getting up on a Saturday morning in all weathers, to go and pull tyres, run, skip, box among so many other things (handball a favourite too!) and that I choose to go out in the evenings to take part in more of the same!

I have recently been having 1-1 sessions with Simon to address some of the movement issues that being overweight for so long caused as well as training and developing strength and stamina. Simon has an extensive knowledge of how the body works and moves and has an enthusiastic approach that enables and encourages improvement – and it’s fun! (He also has a lot of patience!!)

Since starting training with Simon at bootcamp and 1-1, I have improved in so many ways. I have lost more weight (another stone since starting!) and lost inches! I have more energy and my fitness levels have rocketed. It gives me such a buzz after each session. It is a great way of exercising with the bonus of being with some amazing people (who I now consider friends) who are so supportive of each other and being outside.

Give it a go ……….. it’s fantastic!

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