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Welcome to Saffron Walden’s Premier Bootcamp with Simon Drew.

Saffron Bootcamp offers both outdoor and indoor bootcamps and personal training throughout each week in a range of locations across the North Essex district of Uttlesford and the surrounding areas including South Cambs, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

Our bootcamps embody ‘personal training in a small group setting’. Activities are very wide ranging and take elements from numerous fitness styles and practices not limited to: boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, plyometrics & calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, rope work – indeed anything to generate a suitable physical and mental positive change to your health & fitness.

Bootcamp group sizes are limited to ensure specific coaching for each person ­– we don’t just train you. As the term ‘coaching’ suggests, we focus on teaching you the ideal mechanics of movement and we help you to develop the resilient mental toughness required to ensure sustainable, positive change. We help to ensure you stay injury free and gain practical new ways of doing everyday tasks safely and efficiently.

We do this while having lots of fun and while working to ensure an appropriate intensity level is achieved by each individual.

Importantly, we have a great community of people  – they are all very supportive of each other – this is a big bonus when you are working hard and may need all the encouragement you can get – especially if you are new to bootcamp. There is always someone to support you in your aims no matter your fitness or skill level, or age!

Personal training is a great way to build a strong bond and understanding between you and your trainer. Focusing on your specific needs from the outset is an ideal route to take before starting our bootcamps, to top up your skills knowledge or make breakthroughs in your on-going training program. The logic is simple, the better we know you, both physically and mentally, the better we can serve you and the higher the probability of achieving the results you truly wish for. Importantly, personal training creates a more stable platform for sustainable, long term results!

We look forward to welcoming you on board!