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A quick update on all things Saffron Bootcamp & Saffron CrossFit

Apr 09, 2016 simon_sez News 0 comments

We’ve had a very busy couple of months transitioning from Saffron Bootcamp to Saffron Bootcamp & Saffron CrossFit combined. Here is a quick breakdown of what we’ve been up to since the New Year:

  • We’ve created Saffron CrossFit – our box/gym based part of the business. This has included:
    • A new brand
    • A revamp of the box and the introduction of new CrossFit focussed equipment
    • A new schedule of CrossFit classes
    • A new, slick and fast access web site
    • A new range of social media accounts and facilities
    • Local press advertising
    • Local Signage
  • Saffron Bootcamp has undergone some changes:
    • A new qualified coach has been integrated into our bootcamps outside of Saffron Walden, namely Finchingfield, Bishops Stortford and Newport
    • We’ve rationalised class timings to help ensure we deliver a consistent program to each location
    • Upgraded and brought in some new equipment
    • Researched some of the best options for new camps in the Uttlesford area

The near future at Saffron Bootcamp and Saffron CrossFit

As we progress through April we are implementing a new pricing structure for all Bootcamp and CrossFit members and all new customers.

Specifically at Saffron Bootcamp in the near future, we’ll be be:

  • Creating a new identity
  • Re-launching the new identity across the areas in which we operate
  • Announcing at least one new location before the end of April 2016

While at Saffron CrossFit we’re looking to:

  • Add new equipment
  • On-goingly improve the box experience
  • Adjust memberships as we develop new class variants and offers

Links: Saffron CrossFit

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