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The basics

  • Friendly & accessible classes
  • Great coaching in small groups
  • Varied & convenient schedule
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • ¼ the cost of personal training


The benefits

  • Get stronger & leaner
  • Feel more energetic & positive
  • Reduce injury, illness & disease
  • Improve performance in sport(s) & life


The coaches

  • Passionate & driven
  • Create a welcoming,
    motivational atmosphere
  • Always attentive & supportive

Welcome to Saffron Walden Bootcamp


Saffron Walden Bootcamp is Saffron Walden’s longest running and successful bootcamp. We offer regular sessions of both indoor and outdoor bootcamps as well as bespoke personal training to the local community.

We focus on helping you to become fitter, leaner and ready to excel in whatever field of activity you choose: Sport, work, living a full and vital life. Whatever your age and condition, we can work with you to make yourself the best possible you.

Our bootcamps bring people together to make fitness fun and varied. If you fully embrace what we do we can also pretty much guarantee it’ll probably be the most enjoyable and rewarding fitness experience you’ll have encountered.

Ready to join?

If you are new to bootcamp we can offer you a ‘New Member Starter Pack’ so we can get to know each other and see where you are with your fitness. During the 6 discounted classes we’ll ease you into some of the movement and concept basics and do our very best to ensure you enjoy all of your WODs (Workout of the Day). We try and ensure you head home for your ‘victory shower’ with a big smile! Simply select the ‘New Member Starter Pack‘ membership. A few simple steps including creating an account in our system and you’ll be booked in in no time!

We look forward to welcoming you to Saffron Walden Bootcamp and to helping you to be the best you possible!

Some examples from our recent Bootcamps

How to become a Member of Saffron Walden Bootcamp

New to Bootcamp?

Come and try it with us

Sign up for our New Member Discount Pack (@ £4 per class), make friends & learn the basics!

Bootcamp 'wise'?

Contact us or sign up

Contact us to arrange a chat – simon@saffronbootcamp.co.uk

Current member?

Sign in to your next class

Sign in for a Bootcamp on Teamup, workout with your buddies, work on your weaknesses!

The Ten General Physical Skills


A set of ten distinct measurable ‘skill’ attributes applicable to any athlete (you, I, any person), no matter their level of fitness or ability.

These skills are used broadly to assess and develop each athletes abilities so progress can be planned, measured, enhanced. At a basic level this would involve defining and then working on the weaker areas to balance out the deficit with higher skill level areas. In this way athletes deplete weaknesses and heighten skill levels across all ten areas, elevating their ability to overcome the known and unknowable challenges they might face in their chosen sports, competitions, life.

At Saffron Walden Bootcamp, this technique is in-built into our coaching style and delivery. We constantly assess our athletes and work to develop their skills and build all round abilities. This takes time and patience. And we’re with you for the long haul.

Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

Saffron Walden Bootcamp Testimonials

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